How to Fix QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error

QuickBooks has all the variants which can handle al business needs and one of the product name is QuickBooks POS which is the best for the medium-sized business to keep the track of the business which contain sale and inventory related. Sometime its functioning may hamper due to some technical issues. The below article covers the causes of the error, solutions to the error. For any assistance, you can visit and get the step by step guidance from the most demanding QuickBooks professionals.

What is QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error?

QuickBooks financial exchange error is some type of error that is sometimes disturbed due to some error and issues which come from QuickBooks. QuickBooks POS financial exchange error is one of the errors which happen due to the syncing problem between two software. The main task of this POS is to track your financial data. When the data exchange between the two programs it reduces work pressure hence you can easily monitor sales and activities in QuickBooks POS. You can also shift the data directly to financial software.

You may get the error message as “No money displayed in the inventory assets.”

Reasons for the QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error

Behind the above error, many causes can be the main culprit and some of the main reasons are listed below :

  • The Activity Log error – At some time, the log files create issues, within the system itself. If you get any issue you can verify the Activity log in the financial error>>go to financial look if you are facing any such issue and the log will let you know about the error
  • The Mapping accounts – You need to check if there are any issues with the mapping accounts and in that case, verify the default mapping accounting set up profile>>preferences>>company >>> accounts

You can find the transactions created in QuickBooks from the Receiving vouchers and go there follow below steps:

  • Purchasing
  • select receiving History tab
  • select on voucher
  • click I want to …button
  • Click to reflect financial details

Methods to Solve QuickBooks Financial Exchange Error

Below are solutions which are helpful to you while in the above error in QuickBooks POS

Total Time: 7 minutes

Method 1- Check Activity Log

πŸ”· Open Activity log
πŸ”· Select the financial center
πŸ”· Not getting any error?? it means the error is resolved

Method 2 – Announce Mapping Account

πŸ”· Go to File menu>>Go to preferences
πŸ”· Select the company and handle the accounts
πŸ”· Now match the settings

Method 3 – QuickBooks Version 5

πŸ”· First, run the POS
πŸ”· select sales History >>select receipt causing the error
πŸ”· Select financial >>mark the document >>click OK

Method 4 – For QuickBooks Version 6 and 10

πŸ”· Search the receipt number which shows in the error
πŸ”· select POS and Scan sales history
πŸ”· Now place and select the Receipt in the error
πŸ”· choose an option I want to
πŸ”· Now click on View financial History
πŸ”· Choose mark this document >>click ok

Method 5 – Still Getting Error then Below are the Options

πŸ”· Choose to purchase and select the history tab
πŸ”· Click on among the vouchers
πŸ”· select I want to button
πŸ”· Now select Show financial details

How to get in touch?

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