How to Fix QuickBooks POS Invalid Product Number Error 176109

QuickBooks POS invalid product number error 176109 is a common issue that usually arises when users try to register or open the Point of Sale application. An error message abruptly pops up on your screen that indicates β€œInvalid Product number”. The error message depicts that the product code used for the registration of the QuickBooks POS is not correct. However, several other issues may also promote QuickBooks error 176109. In this particular post, we’re going to discuss this POS error along with all the possible causes and solutions.

What is QuickBooks POS invalid Product Number Error 176109?

It is a six-digit error code that mainly encounters by users when they are using QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS). It occurs in Windows and other Windows-friendly software and driver vendors. The error can also occur when users are attempting to open or register at QuickBooks POS.

Reason of QuickBooks POS Invalid Product Number Error 176109

There may be several reasons behind this QuickBooks error code when you get an invalid product number warning 176109 while using QuickBooks POS. Below are some of the common reasons that can trigger QuickBooks Error 176109:

  • One of the most apparent reasons behind the QuickBooks error code 176109 is the corrupt or damaged QuickBooks POS error 176109 entitlement folder.
  • Lack of proper admin privileges can also cause an error code when registering a POS.
  • Due to incorrect product code, you can receive QuickBooks error message 176109 during the Point of Sale installation.

Consider Before Troubleshooting QuickBooks POS Error 176109

The troubleshooting method can be more successful and less troublesome considering the cautionary points given below:

  • Before beginning with the troubleshooting steps, create a backup of your QuickBooks company file. A challenging data-disaster will prevent it.
  • Make sure that the QuickBooks POS has been upgraded to the new release for maintenance. If not, prior to trying the error-removal steps, get it done.
  • Since the QuickBooks POS entitlement folder in Windows is a hidden folder, you need to change the Windows settings to view hidden data. To fix this error (176109), you will have to remove this document.

Method to Fix QuickBooks POS Invalid Product Number Error 176109

Some efficient troubleshooting steps are below that can help you resolve the error message from QuickBooks: invalid product number.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Method 1: Delete the Contents of the QuickBooks POS Entitlement Folder and Try

Windows 7 and Vista

πŸ’  Initially, select Open Windows Explorer by right-clicking on the Windows Start button
πŸ’  Next, select Organize and choose the option Folder & Search
πŸ’  Now, go to the View tab and then select Show hidden files and folders
πŸ’  After that, press the Ok button
πŸ’  Navigate the path: C:\Program Data \Intuit\Entitlement Client\ v8 in the left window
πŸ’  Press Ctrl + A key to select all the files in the folder and then hit the Delete option
πŸ’  Once again open POS as well as the registration process.

Windows 8

πŸ’  Choose File Explorer by right-clicking the Window Start button
πŸ’  Go to the View tab and then look for the Hidden items
πŸ’  Navigate the path C:\Program Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\ v8nin the left Window
πŸ’  Select all the files in the folder by pressing Ctrl + A keys and then hit the Delete option
πŸ’  Once again open POS as well as the registration process.

Method 2: Rename WS Activity File

πŸ’  To rename the WS activity file, you need to follow the below-explained steps:
πŸ’  In the beginning, open your Windows Explorer by pressing Windows + E keys
πŸ’  Locate C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX\Ini
πŸ’  Using the drop-down menu, select the Rename option by right-clicking WSActivity
πŸ’  Add OLD at the beginning of WSActivity and then save it
πŸ’  Now, exit Windows and perform the above steps once again.

Method 3: Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks POS

πŸ’  The very first, uninstall QuickBooks POS
πŸ’  Next, reinstall your QuickBooks Point of Sale
πŸ’  If the error still occurs then run a repair re-installation on POS
πŸ’  Next, you need to verify both the product number as well as the license number
πŸ’  Open your Point of Sale and then register.

In Conclusion!

Hopefully, with the above-provided solutions, you can easily troubleshoot QuickBooks POS Invalid Product Number Error 176109. But the problem still not resolved then it is recommended then you connect with the team of experts by making a dial at QuickBooks technical support Toll-Free helpdesk number . You can also drop an email at or do a live chat with dedicated professionals.



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