QuickBooks Error Code 20 ”Printer Not Activated” Problem

QuickBooks error code 20 is usually encountered by users while printing. When they attempt to print from QuickBooks 2009 installed on a Windows 10 computer, it gives an error message “Printer not activated”. The most apparent cause is the compatibility issue between outdated QuickBooks version 2008 and Windows 10. In other words, QuickBooks printer not activated error code 20 is a result when users decided to QuickBooks upgrade and install to a newer Windows version. In this particular blog, we are going to converse about QuickBooks error code 20 and provide you some helpful and relevant troubleshooting solutions for the concern of the same. For more, you can connect with the team of accountingguide.co via email or live chat.

Insights of QuickBooks Printer not Activated Error Code 20?

Users face error code 20 while upgrading from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7. This can happen due to the “new operating system” putting out the Hkey_Current_config\software key in the registry settings. Because the registry key is not updated there is a definite chance that the application will not work correctly. Users are not able to print or send invoices due to this error and pay slips which leads to further inconvenience for the business owners.

Causes Behind Evoking QuickBooks Error Code 20

There are various other technical factors that can promote QuickBooks error code 20 and it majorly arises because of the compatibility issue between the two. Check out here are the list of the primary causes:

  • QuickBooks 2009 isn’t compatible with the program’s Windows 10 print issues.
  • Outdated 2009 QuickBooks.
  • Another reason behind error 20 may be unsupported printer drivers.
  • Issues with the Windows Registry for QuickBooks may also cause the error while printing from the program.
  • QuickBooks version that users are using is not compatible with the Windows OS that they are using
  • QuickBooks error 20 can also occur due to unsupported drivers on the printer.
  • Using QuickBooks is in either Windows Vista or XP 64-bit form.
  • Incomplete or corrupt installation of QB
  • Upgrading the Amyuni PDF converter via Windows Update to a more up-to-date form.

Upgrading QuickBooks during printer activation can resolve QuickBooks Error 20. You can however try some effective troubleshooting steps before upgrading to eliminate the error.

Precautions or Important Pointers to Remember

Before troubleshooting this error you must bear in mind the pointers that are listed below:

Generate/Take a Backup of Current Using Registry:

  • Before making any changes it is necessary to take a backup of the present registry. As you may need your old registry if you cannot solve the problem with the updated registry.
  • In case of additional problems, a device recovery point should also be established.

Create a Registry Backup:

  • Initially, go to the “Registry Editor”
  • Next, click Computer
  • Now click on “File” and then “Export”
  • Finally, save it.

Create a System Restore Point:

Manually create for Windows 10 with the below steps. The method also works for Windows Vista, 8, 7, etc.

  • The very first thing click on the “Create” button and then select “Local Disk C” with the system protection
  • Fill out the asked description of the restore point
  • Enter the date of the restore point
  • Hit the “Create” button to initiate the process
  • It takes a minute to complete the process.

4 Appropriate Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks Printer Activated Error Code 20

Here are easy and appropriate solutions to fix such QuickBooks printer activation error code 20. Check out the following solutions that discussed below:

Total Time: 35 minutes

Solution 1: Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop

💠 Initially, go to the Windows Start button and then type Control Panel
💠 After that click on “All Program” and features and later locate the software
💠 Next, click on “Uninstall” and download the appropriate version of QuickBooks that is compatible
💠 Once the reinstallation is done then the program as well as the printer starts works again.

Solution 2: Enter the Registry Editor

💠 The very step is to press the Windows Start button from your keyboard
💠 Then type Regedit on the appear search bar
💠 When it appears to right-click on it instead of pressing Enter key
💠 Now choose “Run as Administrator”
💠 After that look for the HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG FOLDER where you locate the software folder
💠 Choose “Permissions” after right-clicking on the key
💠 Now it emerges a new window and verify user is enabled full control or not
💠 At last, finish the process by clicking the Ok button and exit the Registry Editor.

Solution 3: Activating the Printer Spooler Service

💠 Hold Windows and simultaneously press R from the keyboard
💠 Next, in the open run box, type “Services.msc”
💠 Now Windows service list open and then choose “Printer Spooler” by scrolling down in the list
💠 And after right-clicking on the same, press the Stop button
💠 Now click on Start after right-clicking
💠 Verify the error whether it is resolved or not.

Solution 4: Repairing QuickBooks Print File

💠 Initially, insert the QuickBooks 20XX disk and then Hold Windows and simultaneously press R
💠 Now type “appwiz” in the open run box window
💠 Hit the QuickBooks 20XX after that, which can be included in the application list
💠 Follow and perform the on-screen appear instruction to start repairing
💠 Finally, you can restart the system once the repair is finished.

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