QuickBooks Subscription Needs Activated

You would  certainly  agree that  no software or program  is  100%  free  of  errors  and bugs.  Although   QuickBooks  provides  excellent  accounting  to  businesses,  it  also  has  its  fair share  of   mi nor  issues ,  just  like  any  other  software.

Some  QB  users   have informed that they got the ‘QuickBooks Subscription needs Activated ’ error  message frequently,   even  if  they  had  their   QB  subscription up  and  running. Have you also got this error message  of  late?  Please  note  that  you  are  not  alone. This is one of the most common issues related to QB registration and  activation .If you have a fair idea about the issue and are aware of ways to fix it, you  can  get  rid of it quite  easily. In  this blog , we will provide a number of easy solutions to this issue.  Simply go through the steps, implement them and stop this  error  from bothering you ever again!

Here we go! 

QuickBooks Subscription Needs Activated

🔯 Procedure to Fix the QuickBooks Subscription Needs Activated Issue

Here, we are providing multiple methods to fix the ‘QuickBooks Subscription needs Activated issue

Total Time: 30 minutes

1st Method- Check your System Date & Time Settings

🔷 Right click on the System Clock on desktop
🔷 Click the Adjust Date /Time option
🔷 From the drop-down menu, choose the change date and time option
🔷 Click Ok twice to confirm your selection
🔷 Close the QuickBooks application
🔷 Open QuickBooks again
🔷 check if you are still getting the error message

2nd Method- Re-Configure your Windows Firewall Settings

🔷 press the Windows start button on your keyboard
🔷 search for Windows Firewall in the program list and click on it
🔷 Now click on Advanced settings
🔷 Right Click on the Inbound Rules tab
🔷 Click on New Rules
🔷 Choose the appropriate port
🔷 Click Next to proceed
🔷 Check if TCP is chosen as protocol
🔷 Click Next
🔷 Tick on Allow the connections
🔷 Press the Next button again
🔷 Please make sure that all the profiles shown on the screen are selected
🔷 Click Next and then assign a suitable name for the new rule
🔷 Press Finish
🔷 Open QuickBooks and check if you are still getting the error message

3rd Method – Run QuickBooks as an Administrator

🔷 Close all the applications
🔷 Restart your system
🔷 Right click on the QB Desktop icon on your system
🔷 Click on Run as administrator
🔷 Run QuickBooks and check if you are still getting the issue


🔯 Conclusion

In this blog, we have provided  a few simple and effective solutions to fix the ‘QuickBooks Subscription needs Activated’ issue. We hope, after going through the blog and implementing the steps, you will find it easier to troubleshoot this issue. However, if none of these methods helps in solving the issue, you may reach out to some of the experienced QuickBooks Live Chat experts.

🔔 FAQs 🔔

🔰 What are the Causes of the QuickBooks Subscription Needs Activated Issue

👉 Here are some of the prominent causes of the QuickBooks Subscription needs Activated issue-
⚫ Slow /intermittent internet connection
⚫ Windows firewall is restricting the QuickBooks application from accessing the internet
⚫ If a QuickBooks version not authenticated / supported by Intuit is being used
⚫ If the right product code and/or the license number is not used while activating or registering QuickBooks
⚫ Incorrect time/date settings on your computer
⚫ Issue with the Microsoft XML Core services

🔰 What are the Possible Causes of the QuickBooks Payroll Won’t Update Issue?

👉 Here , we would list the primary causes of this issue-
⚫ The QuickBooks application is not able to connect to internet
⚫ Issue with the internet settings in your computer
⚫ Incorrect system date and time settings
⚫ A file related to payroll update is missing in your computer
⚫ Incorrect SSL
⚫ Erroneous tax table
incorrect billing information

🔰 How Can I Check if my QuickBooks Payroll Status is Set as ‘Activated’ or Not?

👉 Please follow the steps below-
⚫ Navigate to the Employees menu.
⚫ Click on My Payroll Service
⚫ Select Account/Billing Information.
⚫ Sign in with the Intuit Account login id you are provided , to open the Payroll Account Management portal.
⚫ Go to the Payroll Details section
⚫ Check if the payroll status is shown as ‘active’

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