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QuickBooks all-in-one bookkeeping software provides all types of solutions to make things easy to manage.  It launches new products every year to meet advanced level features and high-module security factors. So, whenever you purchase any new product, you need a validation code or activation key to unlock the new services. This blog will tell you complete details about the QuickBooks Validation Code Generator. Before moving to unlock any new product, the user has to enter a validation code and then perform on-screen instructions until the program is not finished. In any case, if you lost or forget your validation code in the registry then this post will also resolve your all queries.

QB Validation Code Generator 1

As you know, QuickBooks products and registration data are stored in the QBRegistration.dat file. There are several ways to locate the file on your system, all are listed below:

  • You can easily track via C:\ Program Data\ Common Files\ Intuit\ QuickBooks folder
  • Then, you have to locate the “QBRegisteration” over the windows Files explorer. Then, you get access to open the file straightforwardly from QuickBooks.

How to Discover the QuickBooks Validation Code Generator?

The below-mentioned information gives you all answers to open the QuickBooks registration file from the QuickBooks Desktop to find the license details needed in several accountancy operations. Follow on-screen guidelines to discover the Validation code in the registry:

  • Open your QuickBooks application and then press the F2 key to see the product information window.
  • From the product information window, press the F3 key and you will view the Tech help window next
  • Go to the File tab and hit the click on the QBRegisteration.dat file from the list-menu
  • If you are unable to open the file automatically, then hit the click on the QBRegisteration.dat file from the list-menu
  • If the file doesn’t open automatically, choose the Notepad option from the list of the programs on windows and then hit the Ok button
  • Once you have done, then press the CTRL + F key at the same time
  • Now you have to write the license number in the given section and hit the Enter key
  • Choose the “Find to locate license registration number” option and the validation code window will pops-up on your screen
  • The user has to note that validation code or the license key for re-registration of the QuickBooks program.
  • Perform the displayed guidelines to make new changes in the QuickBooks license number.
QuickBooks Validation Code Generator

In any case, if any error message will appear on your screen or freezes your window while implementing the above steps. Then, read and perform the below troubleshooting to fix all related issues. Expected waring error messages you might face while finding or generating the QuickBooks Validation code are listed below:

  • The validation code is not correct. Please check the number and enter it again
  • This service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later
  • In this situation, the user needs to go back to your homepage screen and the entered details. If you find anything wrong then correct it.

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How do I Resolve QuickBooks Validation Code Generator Issues?

Before you proceed  to repair the QuickBooks validation code error issues, there are a few prerequisites that you need to know

💠 Must be sure that your QuickBooks subscription must be active
💠 Make sure that you received a mail confirmation message that you bought the product that you already downloaded
💠 Your product number must be the same as your license number
💠 If you buy a compact disk, they must be sure there is a brightly colored sticker on the cover in which the CD arrived

To get rid of all QuickBooks Validation Code Generator errors. Here you find all alternatives

Troubleshooting 1: Make Sure about the Correct Date & Time Settings

💠 Open your QuickBooks application including all related files
💠 Then, move your cursor to the system clock icon and hit the right-click on it to make new adjustments
💠 Hit the next click on the “Time & Date” button. Then you have to select the current day, month, and year
💠 Click on the “Apply” button to make changes visible
💠 Run the QuickBooks application and then choose the Help menu which is followed by the activating QuickBooks
💠 Write the validation code in the given field and hit the NEXT button

Troubleshooting 2: Reset the ‘.ecml’ file with the Following Steps:

💠 The first step is to close your QuickBooks
💠 Then ensure that no procedure is linked with QuickBooks is in inactive mode.
💠 Go to the task manager just by hitting the CTRL, Esc, and shift keys at the same time. If you run Windows 10 on your system, you have to choose more details and then open the Task manager
💠 After this, you have to choose the method and then sort the results in alphabetical order. You  can do this easily just by hitting the click on the Image Name header
💠 The next step is to  hit the window + R key simultaneously to view the Run window
In the given section, you have to write the “C:\ Program data\ Intuit \ Entertainment client\ version 8 or version 6” and hit the OK button
💠 Now, you need to open the “EntitlementDataStore.ECML” folder and hit double-click on it. Then choose the “Delete” option from the drop-menu options
💠 The final step is to open your QuickBooks application and moving forward with instructions on how to register till your reach the QuickBooks activation code window
💠 Once you reached then enter all mandatory details in the given sections

Troubleshooting 3: Activate MSXML lead to Getting Rid of these Errors:

If the above methods failed to resolve this issue. Then perform this method, includes two cases:

Case 1: Steps are Applicable for 64-bit Operating System Users

🔹 In the first step, you have to write the “Cmd” in the search field over the start menu window
🔹 Now, you have to choose the “Run as administrator” option. If you run the program on windows 8 then just hit the windows key before writing in “Cmd” for similar results.
🔹 The command prompt window will appear on your screen in which you have to write “cd\windows\syswow64
🔹 After this, write the “Regsvr32 MSXML4.dll” and then press the Enter key from your keyword
🔹 Follow the steps by “Regsvr32MSXML6.dll” and then hit the enter key

Condition 2: Steps are Applicable for the 32-bit Operating System Users

🔹 Click on the Start menu and then search for the “Run” if it is visible, otherwise hit the window + R key together
🔹 Write the “Type” command in the given section of the run window
🔹 Hit the OK button and moving forward
🔹 The command prompt will appear on your screen leads to open the “regsvr32 MSXML4.dll” > Enter and “regsvr32 MSXML6.dll” > Enter.


We hope the above information was useful for you to crack all queries related to the  QuickBooks Validation Code Generator. you have a choice to hide the product code, license number, server IP, and company details for security purposes. If you still have any query in your mind related to QuickBooks, get in touch with the QuickBooks helpdesk or mail us at support@accountingguide.co

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I bypass the QuickBooks validation code?

Ans: Hit the click on the QuickBooks icon and then choose the “Uninstall” option. The user has to ensure that QuickBooks is prioritized and wait until the uninstallation program has not competed. Then install the QuickBooks clean install utility and then choose the QuickBooks edition.

Q2. How to enter the service key in the QuickBooks desktop?

Ans: Go to the Employees menu and choose the Payroll section. Then you have to choose to enter the service key. If you already have the payroll subscription then the displayed steps guide you to specify if you need to add the file to the payroll subscription. Choose the Add and fill the service key. Once the program is finished it will appear on your screen.

Q3. How do I find my QuickBooks validation code?

Ans: Open your QB desktop and press the F2 key. The user has to view the product name and product number from the product information window. Now, you can view the release date and current version just at the end of the product name.



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