How to Resolve QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File

Nowadays, it is common that users come across the error QuickBooks won’t open the company file and that might arise unknowingly. Users generally get frustrated and are not able to tackle such kinds of issues. It could get pretty tiresome when users can’t access their basic functions in QuickBooks. However, there could be various reasons for getting such troublesome issues. This ultimate post guides you through all the possible reasons and solutions to troubleshoot the error. Furthermore, if face any difficulty or seeking professional assistance then feel free to connect with the team at via email or do a 24*7 live chat.

QuickBooks Won't Open Company File

Reasons that Lead to QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File

The explanation of why this error happens can be many. We’ve listed some of the most commonly observed causes from the huge list. Let’s take a look:

  • Damaged data in company files may be one reason QuickBooks can not access the company file.
  • If there is any type of problem with the location and extension of the file, then the user will not be able to access the company file.
  • Another scenario might be when data from the business is lost due to a faulty hard drive that stores files.
  • If there is some kind of problem with the QBW.TLG file, you might see this sort of error.
  • Any kind of issue with the file reports may cause this bug as well.
  • If the user makes use of an incorrect QuickBooks version in order to open files, this error can occur.
  • Another scenario might be when the user uses the wrong method to open the form of the file.

Analyze why QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File

Before the user moves to the processes for fixing the mistake, it is best to bear in mind some details. Let’s check out the following points:

  • To ensure that the QuickBooks program is updated to the latest version, the user is needed.
  • The user is also expected to check that the company file is only hosted by one device. The user will turn off the hosting in all computers apart from the server by the following steps:
    • Go to the File menu
    • Next, click on the Utilities option
    • Now, select the option “stop multi-user access hosting”
    • Once it verifies then continues with your operation.
  • Make sure that the QuickBooks Desktop program shouldn’t be corrupted.
  • When opening the QuickBooks app using the desktop icon, users need to press and hold the Ctrl key.
  • If the software doesn’t open, then QuickBooks desktop can be the problem.

Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File

Well, there are more one rectification methods available and that can be used to get rid of the error with much ease. Here we will be discussing each of the methods one by one in detail:

Total Time: 35 minutes

Method 1: Open the Company File Directory

🔷 Initially, go to the File menu and then click on open
🔷 Or you can also click on the Restore company
🔷 Next, choose the file type that you want to open
🔷 Now, go through the folder where the particular file is located in
🔷 After that. Select and click on the file
🔷 At last, select the Open button.

Method 2: Rename the .TLG and .ND Extensions

🔷 Firstly, open the Company file folder location
🔷 After that, open the transaction log file by right-clicking on it
🔷 Now, rename the company file name by adding OLD.qbw.TLG in the end
🔷 Next, open the company file
🔷 QuickBooks has a feature to automatically creates files of the .TLG and .ND extensions
🔷 Make a note that you shouldn’t delete these files as these could be used to recover the lost data

Method 3: Prevent the QuickBooks Windows for Automatic Open

🔷 The very first, go to the No Company Open window
🔷 Next, look for the company file
🔷 After that, press and hold ALT key from the keyboard
🔷 Now, hit the Open button
🔷 Once you open it then go to the Edit menu
🔷 Hit the Preferences menu
🔷 Select and click on the Desktop View
🔷 If you’re done with that then hit the option named “Don’t save the desktop”
🔷 At last, hit the Ok button.

Method 4: Change the Company Files Location

🔷 Go to C: drive and create a new folder within it
🔷 Next, open the folder location of the company file
🔷 After that, press and hold CTRL key simultaneously from the keyboard
🔷 Now, while doing so select the company file
🔷 Right-click on the file and copy it by selecting the copy option
🔷 At last, go to the newly created folder and paste the copied file into the new folder.

Method 5: Verify the File Extension    

🔷 In the very first step, open the location of the company file folder
🔷 Next, right-click on the company file
🔷 Now, go to Properties
🔷 Check out the file type and it should be QuickBooks company file
🔷 Also, check out the size of the file that should be minimum of 7MB
🔷 Hit the Advance button
🔷 Ensure that, you have also verify the Compress and Encrypt options that should be checked
🔷 At last, hit the Ok button.

Alternative Methods to Fix such QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File Error

There are also some of the alternative methods that you can try in case you are unable to rectify with the above the mentioned methods: here are some of them, you can through but make sure that you have properly executed the above 5 methods before you proceed these alternative methods:

Alternative Method 1: Rename the Company File

🔷 Initially, open the location of the QuickBooks company file
🔷 Next, select the rename option by right-clicking on it
🔷 Now, change the file name
🔷 Keep the new name with a minimum 3 letters and it shouldn’t exceed three letters
🔷 If you find .TLG file then rename it as well.

Alternative Method 2: Troubleshoot the Installation

Move the company file into a different system and then try again to open it. If it opens then your program or original QuickBooks Desktop installation may be a problem.

🔷 The very first, run your QuickBooks Install Tool
🔷 Next, repair the installation
🔷 After that, perform a clean reinstall.

Connect with the team for further assistance

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So, the above-mentioned are few solutions to resolve QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File. Thus apply any of the above methods can surely help you to fix this error with much ease. In any case, you fail in eliminating the error then you can easily connect with the team. You can get a handy solution in an effortless manner via dropping an email at this email address or doing a live chat. The team of experts is available day-in and day-out in order to provide a relevant and reliable solution for all kinds of QuickBooks related issues.

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