How to Reprint Checks in QuickBooks

The introduction of QuickBooks has completely changed the world in terms of accounting and bookkeeping. This software is designed for small and average business owners and allows users to manage tax payments, cash flows, payrolls, and more. It also allows users to print checks just by integrating the printer with the software. But there may be various situations when they need to reproduce/reprint the same and this could cause problems for the users if they don’t know how to reprint checks in QuickBooks. Fret not as this blog contains all methods that allow users to easily replicate the checks and run their business without any trouble. For more, connect with the team via email or QuickBooks live chat.

Why do Users need to Reprint the Checks?

There can be several reasons due to which users need to print the checks once again. Here are some of the reason can be one behind it:

  • Maybe users previous check gets damaged or jammed in the printer
  • It can also be one of the reason that when their checks get misplaced
  • Sometimes, users want to reprint just for personal usage.

The following, users can only do by tracking them. Therefore, they require tracking the original check number first and then exploring the instructions to reprint the check with ease that is going to be discussed below.

Reliable Ways to Track the Original Check Number

Perform one by one to easily track the original check number:

  • Initially, click on the write checks
  • Next, include the original check number
  • Now, add the original date
  • After that, add the appropriate employee’s name
  • Add 0.01 in the appeared amount box
  • Select the payroll expenses
  • Next, hit the save and close option
  • Once done then click on the use register
  • Click on the check that you have just generated by finding them
  • At last, hit the option named “Void Check”.

How can Users Find the Checks in QuickBooks

Follow these steps to find the check through search.

  • Select and click the icon named “magnifying glass” at the top of the page.
  • Search for the transaction by entering a transaction number, a date, or an amount
  • And then select Enter

Procedures to Reprint the Checks within the QuickBooks Software

Follow the steps to find the check within the QuickBooks accounting software

  • The very first, look for the option named “print check”
  • Next, click on the “Print Preview”
  • If users need to reprint more checks then click on the add more checks
  • After that, hit the Printer tab
  • Finally, check that whatever checks you have selected is reprinted.

2 Possible Options to Reprint the Paychecks in QuickBooks

QuickBooks features offer users to directly print the checks without any hassle. This feature is more useful for most of the users but there is a suggestion that must connect the printer with the software that would be more preferable. Also, users must check the connection before start printing. Check out the two possible options to reprint a paycheck:

Option 1:

  • Firstly, click on the “Lists”
  • Next, go to “Chart of Accounts”
  • Select checking account by double-clicking on it
  • Now, select the desired checks just by double-clicking on it
  • Then hit the print icon
  • At last, click on the Save and then close option.

Option 2:

  • Click on the Edit/Void paychecks in the beginning
  • Next, within the “show paychecks from and through” boxes, add the appropriate paycheck date
  • To view the paycheck, users need to double-click on the employee’s name
  • Now, click on the print icon and allocate the check number
  • Finally, hit the Ok button.

Steps Involved to Reprint the Multiple Paychecks

Reprinting multiple paychecks in QB does not change salary records for the employee. If you have to replicate a series of checks then do the following steps:

  • In the very first step, click on the transactions tab
  • Thereafter, select the paychecks
  • Double-click on the paycheck that you wish to reprint
  • Next, select the option named “Print later”
  • Hit the save & close tab
  • Repeat the similar steps for those checks that are unmarked
  • Now, click on the print forms and then click on the paychecks
  • After that, mark the paychecks that you wish to print
  • Click the Ok button in the final step.

Instructions to Reprint Sales Forms

The following step helps to reprint sales forms within the QuickBooks software:

  • Initially, look for the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page
  • Next, add the Sales Form number, an amount, and a date and then select the enter button
  • Now, search for the Sales Form in the “Recent Transactions” section
  • At last, click on the “Print or Preview” option.

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Printing check within software might be an easy process but reprinting them can be hectic sometimes. So, it is necessary to have a decent knowledge of QuickBooks accounting software. Hopefully, you have got an idea and easy to understand how to reprint checks in QuickBooks with the help of this guide.

In case, you stuck between steps and have any doubts then connect with the team of via dropping an email [email protected] along with your query details or do a 24*7 live chat. The team gets back to you in the minimum time frame or maximum they take 2-3 hours.

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