Fix Sage 50 Permiss.dat Error

What is Sage 50 Permiss.dat Error

Sage 50 Permiss.dat Error- It happens when the Sage application is not able to open the Permiss.dat file. This issue is resolved by troubleshooting the issue. For troubleshoot, restore the backup till the data is correct. For this you need to click on the OK button when the error message box pop-up on your system screen.

Here you get to know about the reasons for the cause permiss.dat error in Sage 50 and the solution as well. The team is educated, trained, professional, and have more than 25 years of experience. The team is glad to help you out and resolve all your issues.

Causes of Sage 50 Permiss.dat Error

  • Forms folder is damaged
  • Extraction of Sage backup file is blocked by the UAC
  • The drive is running out of the space
  • ptr files in the forms folder
  • dat file is missing or corrupted
  • Inaccessible file is held in the memory
  • ptl locked the permiss.dat file

Steps for Fix Sage 50 Permiss.dat Error

  1. Firstly, restart your system
  2. Check that the problem I still there or not if yes then proceed further
  3. Disable the UAC
  4. Then open the Run command then write the ms-config and then enter
  5. Select the System Tools and then choose the Disable UAC
  6. Now Launch then click the OK button
  7. Restart the system
  8. You need to stop the sharing of the company file from the original system
  9. Do remove the folder of the company from your system
  10. Restore the backup that is done most recently
  11. For restoring the file go to the File menu option
  12. Then select the Restore option
  13. Now browse and locate the most recent backup that you have done
  14. Then select that backup and click on the open button to open the .ptb file and click on Next button
  15. Do create a new company or select the new company with the restored data and again click on the Next button
  16. Company data checked is need to be leaved then press the Next button and then click on the Finish button

If still, the error arise then check that you have the most recent backup or not; if yes then do follow the process again.

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