How to Resolve Sage Payroll Error 2003?

Sage payroll error 2003 mostly occurs in your Sage account has 2 reasons: Terminal ID’s that are not given and the authorization problem. You get to know about it in detail below and the solution to resolve it as well. The solution is provided by the Sage 50 support team after justifying the authenticity of the solution. You just need to follow it and get it resolved.

Sage Payroll Error 2003 – “An ERROR has occurred on the Protx System”

Sage Payroll has Many Features Such as:

  • Helps in automatically calculating tax, NI, and statutory deductions.
  • To meet the requirements of business payroll has all that flexible solutions.
  • An up to date record of the employees is maintained.
  • Pay slips and P60s are generated for the employees.
  • Rules and regulations are up to date.

Reasons for Getting the Sage Payroll Error 2003:

  • Authorization – In the case of the authorization issue, this sage error code occurs. As it is because of the 3rd party software that we do integrate with the Sage pay. While you are processing the transaction in the Sage account.
  • Terminal ID’s – These ID’s are given to the user’s merchant number for each account. If the Terminal IDs are not given then it causes the Sage error code 2003. The traffic of the transactions in the Sage pay and merchant banks is controlled via these terminal ID.

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Solution to Fix Sage Payroll Error Code 2003:

In this Sage payroll 2003 error, you need to check the system monitor page to see that if you got any kind of interruption in the transaction or not. If you get any problem in this then try to do the transaction again. Still, if your issue doesn’t resolve then do contact the customer support team via the toll-free number. You will get the solution maybe there is any other issue.

How to Reach Us?

You can easily contact the team if you have any Sage 50 technical issues or need any kind of help like information or more. The Sage 50 support team is available 24/7 hours and glad to help you out. The team members are polite, expert, and professional to understand all the problems you are facing in the application.

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They have the hands-on experience in resolving the issues and queries all that is related to the Sage software. Contact the Sage 50 customer support number or you can send an email or do a Sage 50 live chat. They give you the best solution and some tips related to that if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

What is a remittance in Payroll?

A remittance is basically the amount you have send to the CRA, after providing a taxable benefit or paying remuneration due to a recipient. You should go to the Payroll deductions and contributions section to obtain all the information about how to calculate source deductions and determine your share of EI and CPP.

What is the Sage 50 payroll entitlement feature?

In Sage 50, payroll entitlement is used to find out and track the entitlements due to the employees. On the paychecks, you will find the entitlement tab. This tab does not create an accounting entry to lead to any banked hours. You will have to pay the banked hours manually on the Income tab. You may bank the days based on a certain percentage of hours worked by the employees. Alternatively, you may enter the eligible days manually. 
This feature is made available only in Sage 50 Premium Accounting or higher versions. Before setting up a payroll entitlement, make sure to switch to a single-user mode.

How to create a new payroll deduction in Sage 50?

Please follow the steps below-
🔹 Open Sage 50 
🔹 Choose Setup
🔹 Then go to the Settings section
🔹 Click on Payroll
🔹 Go to Deductions
🔹 Alter the name of the next available deduction to the particular deduction you need to create.
🔹 Go to the Deduct by Column if you want to change the deduction type (percentage of gross or amount)  
🔹 You may opt to apply the deduction either after or before the taxes are applied. 
🔹 Now choose Setup
🔹 Then go to the Settings section
🔹 Click Payroll
🔹 Go to linked accounts
🔹 Click on the Payroll Deductions tab. 
🔹 The new deduction will be displayed in the column. You will need to link it to an Expense or Payables account.
🔹 Lastly, open the Employee Record
🔹 Then check mark the Use box near the New Deduction tab
🔹 Also check the suitable deduction rate.



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