Sage Timeslips Error Code 122

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Sage Timeslips data is significant for the effective operations of your business and errors in the Timeslips database can leave you disorganized and upset when you are unable to access or retrieve the data. Sage Timeslips Error Code 122 is one of the common Timeslips errors and occurs when the database has an error in the index file.

Steps for Fix Sage Timeslips Error 122

There are two methods to resolve this issue:
💠 By restoring the computer to an earlier point
💠 By validating the data using Date Verification procedure

Total Time: 35 minutes

Steps for Restore your Computer to an Earlier Point

The most suitable method to resolve the Sage Timeslips error 122 is by restoring the computer to an earlier restore point. But, this can be done only if you have recently backed up your data files because restoring the computer to an earlier point will erase all the data that you have stored on your computer after that backup was made. Do these steps to perform system restore;

💠 First the user needs to Log in to the computer as an Administrator.
💠 Next the user needs to click the Start button and select All Programs and Go to Accessories and click on System Tools then select System Restore.
💠 Next the user needs to select “Restore my computer to an earlier time” in the new window and click Next.
💠 Next the user needs to select the most recent system restore point from the “On this list, click a restore point” list and click Next and again click Next on the confirmation window.
💠 Finally, restart the computer to apply the changes.

Steps for Validate the Data Using Date Verification Procedure

In case the user does not want to restore the computer or they have not recently backed up the data, then they can try to do the following:

💠 First the user needs to Create a new data backup (because if these steps did not work, you would have to restore your database).
💠 Next the user needs to Exit Timeslips and open it again.
💠 Next the user needs to Click File and run data verification – reindex.
💠 Next the user needs to check the box to “Rebuild Data Indices”.
💠 Finally, after this has completed, test it to see if you get the database or index error again.

Your problem should have got solved if you have followed the steps mentioned above. In case you are still encountering the error message, you need to get expert help. Dial our toll free Sage 50 technical support phone number to get in touch with our Sage 50 specialists who can help you fix the issue within minutes to keep your business up and running. Our Sage 50 proficient technicians are available round the clock to ensure minimum downtime and maximum business efficiency.

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