Sage 50 Balance Sheet Out of Balance Issue

Sage 50 account out of balance error indicates that the account balance is incorrect at the end of the year. As this error occurs then the account is not able to close as the balance doesn’t match. So, it needs to be fixed; for that, you have to follow the process given below.

Steps to Fix Sage 50 Balance Sheet Out of Balance Issue

Total Time: 3 minutes

To Verify the Corrupted Transaction Errors:

πŸ”· Firstly, click on the Reports option then choose the forms and then the General Ledger
πŸ”· Do select the General Ledger report and then click options
πŸ”· Also, change the time frame to the all and then click on the OK button
πŸ”· Close the error message window if any error appears, The General Ledger report and then select a report or form
πŸ”· Check that the Sage software is closed by all other users as well
πŸ”· Click on the File menu and then select the Data Verification option
πŸ”· Do check that both the tests are selected and then click on the Start button
πŸ”· Do save Backup the tests that begin automatically when it completes
πŸ”· After finishing the data verification, account balance needs to be checked
πŸ”· If the account balance is incorrect or out of balance then continue to the 2. Step.

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Integrity Checks:

πŸ”· You need to have the backup of the Sage 50 company file before performing these steps
πŸ”· Close the Sage 50 application by all the users if it is multi-user
πŸ”· Now click on the Tasks and then go to the System
πŸ”· Then select the Change Accounting Period option
πŸ”· Do select Period 1 and then click on the button OK
πŸ”· Click on the Help menu option and in this, click on the Customer Support and Service
πŸ”· After that click on the option Integrity Check
πŸ”· You need to run the Chart of accountants now
πŸ”· Then check that the account balance matches the General Ledger
πŸ”· If yes then its good but is it is not correct then go to the next step
πŸ”· Go to the Access Integrity Check then click on the continue to proceed
πŸ”· Click on the box named Journal Balances and then click on the ok button
πŸ”· Again select the Access Integrity check and then click on the Continue button
πŸ”· Then go to the General Ledger balance box then select the ok button to proceed
πŸ”· Now check the balance

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