How to Fix Sage 50 Cannot Be Started: I Receive an Access Denied To Sage 50 INI File

Sage 50 might encounter problems which include “Sage 50 cannot be started” while trying to open the application software. In case the user comes across Sage 50, they should proceed by restarting the system and seeking additional information. 


Causes of Sage 50 Cannot Be Started:

  • The network drive might not be connected which can lead to this error. 
  • The network drive does not have the required amount of space required for starting the application. 
  • Administration rights for running the software have not been received. 
  • Security/ permissions on the shared folders have not been properly shared.
  • The server might fail to connect with the workstation or vice versa.
  • 2 different versions might have been installed on the server and workstation.
  • The directory of the data path might contain damaged files or have some files missing.  
  • The server or workstation might register UAC (User Account Control) as affirmative.
  • The entire organization folder should be copied from a backup copy file that does not contain old versions. 

Resolution of Error – Sage 50 Cannot Be Started:

The resolution of Sage 50 cannot be started and should take the user around 35 minutes to complete by going forward with the following techniques. 

  • The files must be edited in a different location – The user needs to copy the INI file to the desktop page of windows and make the prescribed changes before saving them. 
  • Permission modification on Peachtree 240.ini – The user needs to see the program file and click on the aforementioned file to choose properties. Once the user has opted for properties. These should opt for the security tabs for advanced options, where they will find the owner tabs which they need to edit. The user should choose a username and proceed by clicking apply. Then the user needs to click ok on the message that is being displayed along with every other page popping up on the screen. The user should proceed by choosing the option to change permissions and select edit; this should give complete control to the user.
  • Verifying the DNS setting – The user should proceed by pressing the wind key plus R to run the command. They should enter CM and click on yes. Followed by entering ipconfig. and pressing enter. The user should remember the following IPv4 address and the computer name in order to address the hostname. Then again they should repeat the steps mentioned above in the workstation. The user can keep adding host files to the system until the DNS is solved. 
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling Sage 50 – In case the error prevails, the user should browse to the Peach folder in common files to rename Peach old and then proceed by reinstalling the Sage 50 application.

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Sage 50 US: How to Resolve the Error “Sage 50 could not be started.”

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💠 Frequently Asked Questions 💠

How Do I fix the Network Problem that is Causing Access Denied to Sage 50 INI File Error?

Network problems occur mainly due to the internet connection not working. We recommend that you get in touch with your internet service provider and get your connection up. If the connection is working, then Windows Firewall may be blocking the connection to the server. You can create new rules to allow the connection through certain ports.

Can User Permission Lead to this Error?

Yes, it can. When the user has insufficient permission to access a certain file, then he or she will require authentication details for an administrative account. Until then, the user will get the Access Denied to Sage 50 INI File error.

What should I Do before Beginning the Process of Reinstalling Sage 50?

If you’ve tried all the other methods and failed to Access Denied a Sage 50 INI File error, then you’ll have to reinstall the software. We recommend that you create a backup of your company file before you uninstall Sage 50. The company file will not be deleted during the reinstallation process, but keeping a backup file is always recommended to protect your data.

What are the System Requirements to Avoid this Error?

System Requirements:
▪ A 2 GHz processor is required.
▪ A minimum of 4 GB ram, but a 6 GB is ideal.
▪ 3 GB of hard disk space is required for installation and proper working of the application
▪ A CD ROM is necessary for installing the application software. 
▪ The latest version of MS. Office 365 is required for proper working.
▪ An updated internet browser along with a high-speed internet connection is also very necessary.



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