Fix Sage 50 Decline Error Code 000051

The message error code 00051 is also known as decline or bank error. This Sage 50 Decline Error Code 000051 describes the “Do Not Honor” message. It happens when the bank has declined the authorized card usage due to several reasons. The major cause is insufficient funds that can be divided as Transactions decline codes or Bank error codes. Once there triggers this type of error it determines the payment is failed to process or has been rejected through financial institutions. We have written this blog to help you fix the Sage error code 000051.

Overview of The Sage Error Code 000051

The response message of the Sage error code 000051 is “Decline”. The primary reason is the insufficient funds in your account.  This error frequently occurs when there is not enough money on the card to authorize the transaction. This decline /gateway error might hamper your entire work and frustrate you. So thus require resolving it as soon as possible. Use the settings option or control panel to view the unverified transaction.

What Are The Major Causes of Sage Decline Error 000051?

Don’t go for any transaction, if you have received this decline error code 00051. Following are the reasons triggering the decline error:

👉 Customer bank account with insufficient funds
👉 If you prevent bank rules
👉 Wrong card number or CVV
👉 The bank access the location in which they’re placed transaction is suspicious
👉 Incorrect bank information for the instance expiration date

How to Rectify the Sage 50 Decline Error 000051?

Method 1

Contact the Bank for the in-depth explanation

Method 2

Check that you are entering the correct details of the Card, avoid making transactions before 24 hours of the error message, Check out you are following bank rules.

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Method 3- Run Repair Utility Tool Kit:

👉 Click the Start option of the System
👉 Choose Programs tab
👉 Hit Accessories option
👉 Click the System Tools tab
👉 Select Submit System repair button
👉 Hit Next tab
👉 It will display a verification window
👉 Choose Next option
👉 Once completed restored then reboot the computer
👉 To fix the issue, first, you need to download and install the Sage repair utility kit
👉 Once completed installation then hit on the tab named Scan
👉 It will proceed with file scanning
👉 It will determine the malware and antivirus
👉 Once the tasks are accomplished then reboot the computer
👉 The users might be asked to link to the bank account

Method 4- Use Advanced Solution- Sage Decline Payment:

This troubleshooting method is also known as Manual update. Log in to the system with administrator credentials with the below steps:

👉 Go to the Windows Start option
👉 Click on All Programs
👉 Select Accessories tab
👉 Choose the System Tools button
👉 Click on System Restore
👉 It will display a new pop-up Window
👉 Choose the “Restore” button and click on the Next tab
👉 A configuration window will be displayed where you need to click on the option “Next”
👉 It will begin the restore procedure
👉 Once the process is completed then restarts the computer


The above methods help in rectifying the Sage 50 Decline Error Code 000051 however in case you require any other suggestions then get connected with Sage 50 Live Chat. The team will guide you politely through each step thoroughly throughout the troubleshooting procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Can an Incorrect CVV Number be the Reason for Sage 50 Error 000051?

Ans: Yes, if you enter the wrong values of the card then it might create an error.

Q 2. Why is the Sage 50 Decline Error 000051 Happening?

Ans: 👉 Due to the damaged file of the computer window
👉 Instructs the user on how to install the software.
👉 Wrong application or incorrect hardware
👉 Immediate method of shutting down the system
👉 Due to incorrect card number, wrong CCV, or expiration date in the card
👉 Virus in the computer recovery section



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