Sage 50 Decline Error TSYS Error Codes List

Sage 50 is popular accounting software designed to help small and medium-scale businesses keep track of their finances. The automated procedures provided by the software application reduce time and cost constraints of the organization which they can invest in other essential factors towards making the organization more productive and prosperous. The application is quite accommodating to new users who do not have prior experience or expertise in operating the application. Sage 50 Decline Error TSYS Error Codes Just like any other software Sage 50 might encounter problems that are technical or functional in nature.

πŸ”° Meaning of Sage 50 Decline Error TSYS Error Codes:

No matter the cause, when users encounter a decline error or TSYS Error Codes they should assume that the problem is related to financial institutions. There can be a number of reasons for this error to arise and might also come down to the capabilities of the safety of the financial institution in question. For these reasons, Sage 50 provides added security as it handles monetary transactions on a daily basis as fault insecurity might lead to decline errors.

Sometimes the financial institutions decline transactions because of proper causes like failing to perform a procedure correctly, failing to provide the correct security information, or if the institution suspects an unauthorized transaction. To accept maximum precedence dealing effectively through calling within the side the Sage technological guide assist desk for dealing with Sage decline errors.

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Sage 50 Decline Code 000006 Error 0008

πŸ”° There is an Extensive List of Sage 50 TSYS Error Codes Which Provide a Significant Error Message-

  1. Error code 0 – This error code indicates that a transaction has been approved and completed properly without any constraints.
  2. Error code 00 or 85 – This error code indicates a problem with the address mentioned in the transaction. The following could be some of the issues with the address :

i) Only 9 digits of the provided ZIP code are correct.

ii) Only 5 digits of the provided ZIP code are correct.

iii) Due to incompatible formats the street address might not verify properly and can match with other international addresses.

  1. Error code 00 or 8- This error code indicates that the required version for the transaction is not available. The following are the causes for it :
    i) The availability of the provided address is not valid.

ii) The provided address does not facilitate international transactions.

iii) The issuer is a non-US issuer who does not participate.

  1. Error code 2 – This error code indicates the issuer has provided proper reference.
  2. Error code 3 – This error code indicates that the provided Merchant ID for the transaction is invalid or does not match.
  3. Error code 4 – This error code signifies an issue with pick up card
  4. Error code 5 – The error code indicates that the institution does not honor the transaction.
  5. Error code 12 – The error code signifies that the transaction is not valid.
  6. Error code 13 – This error code suggests that the amount is not valid.
  7. Error code 14 – This error code indicates that the provided card number is not valid.
  8. Error code 63 – This error code signifies that a security breach has taken place while performing the transaction.
  9. Error code 75 – The user encounters this error code when they exceed the maximum no of attempts while entering the PIN code.

πŸ”° Resolution of Sage 50 TSYS Error:

If the user encounters any of the problems that have been listed above they can refer to the Master Sage Error Codes lists provided in all processors. To locate the PDF pertaining to the specific error code the user has encountered, they need to press CTRL+ F after locating the file. Once they open the file, they need to go to the search box to find out what caused the error code.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TSYS?

TSYS is a one-stop payment processing and merchant acquiring solution. It offers secure, easy-to-use solutions for small business owners and merchants. TSYS, in combination with Sage, can provide total payment solutions for businesses and accounting professionals.

What are the Possible Reasons for the Occurrence of the Sage 50 Decline Code 000006 Error 0008?

Many functional and technical issues contribute to the occurrence of this error.
Some of These are Mentioned Below-
πŸ”Ή Attack by Virus/Malware
πŸ”Ή If any of the Windows system files become corrupt or damaged.
πŸ”Ή Improper shut down of the system.
πŸ”Ή Improper or incomplete Installation of any file/ application

To Resolve the Sage 50 Decline Code 000006 Error 0008 in Windows XP, How Can I Disable IPV6 in Windows Registry?

Please Follow the Steps Mentioned Below-
πŸ”Ή Click on Start
πŸ”Ή Navigate to Control Panel
πŸ”Ή Tap on Network Connection
πŸ”Ή Next, double-click on Properties
πŸ”Ή Now uncheck the box named internet Protocol version TCP/ IP V6.
πŸ”Ή Click OK to finish
πŸ”Ή Reboot your computer



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