Sage 50 Error Action Can’t be Completed File Open Another Program

An error message displays on the users’ screen stated that “The action can’t be completed because the file is open in another program” or “Access is denied” when they are trying to access, copy, or edit the Sage 50 related file/folder. The main cause of this error might be that there are open files on the server. When they encounter the error then it might hamper the performance while working on the same software. However, this could be quite annoying as it doesn’t allow users to complete their tasks. But don’t worry! Here in this article, we have outlined the best possible methods that help you to resolve sage 50 error actions can’t be completed file open another program.

Steps for Fix Sage 50 Error Action Can’t be Completed File Open Another Program

Method 1 – Restart Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine

🔷 Initially, close your Sage 50 on all workstations and the server as well
🔷 Next, press Windows + R keys together at the server
🔷 Now, type the services.msc within the run box
🔷 And then press the “Ok” button
🔷 After that, make a right-click on the “Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine
🔷 And then choose the “Stop” option
🔷 Once the service is stopped
🔷 Then make a right-click on the same and choose the “Start” option
🔷 You have to repeat the same above steps at each workstation and the server as well
🔷 Finally, confirm that
🔷 Whether you can rename the file as well.

Method 2 – Rename the Sage 50 File

🔷 The very first, close the Sage 50 on all workstation and server as well
🔷 Now, choose the “Start” button at the server
🔷 Next, go to the “Control Panel
🔷 And then select the “Administrative Tools
🔷 After that, select the “Computer Management
🔷 Now, choose the “Shared folders” and the “Open Files” option
🔷 Locate the files in the Open Files lists
🔷 You can find those files that are in the Sage 50 program and data path
🔷 Make a right-click on each one and then choose the “Close Open Files” option
🔷 At last, confirm that you can now rename the file or not.

Method 3 – Launch Folders Windows in a Separate Process

🔷 Firstly, open the File Explorer by pressing the Windows key + E key together
🔷 Next, select the “View” option within the options
🔷 Now, hit the “Options and then choose the “Change folder and search” option
🔷 After that, under the Advanced settings; look for the “Launch folders windows in a separate process” within the folder options
🔷 And then select the disable option to disable it
🔷 Lastly, click on the “Apply” and then “Ok” option to apply the made changes.

Method 4 – Rebooting the Server

If the above methods don’t resolve the error then go with this method by rebooting the server. This may help you in rectifying the issue.

Method 5 – Turn off the Anti-virus and Restart Installation

In this method, select to close out or turn off the Anti-virus program and then try to restart your installation.

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By applying the above-discussed methods, you can easily resolve the Sage 50 error action can’t be completed file open another program. In any case, you stuck between the steps while applying it then it is advisable to get in touch with Sage 50 technical support phone number . You can also connect them by dropping an email at this email address or do a 24*7 Sage 50 live chat support with a dedicated Sage expert. Also, fill out the customer contact form along with your queries details and the team will get back to you and provide try to provide you the best possible solutions for your queries in the minimum time frame.



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