Sage Error: “Unable to send all emails”,”Generic COM Error” or “Failed to output…” when trying to send emails

The Sage 50 address generic com error occurs when you try to send the email documents from your Sage account to another using Microsoft Outlook. The error messages that appear on your screen while using the Sage account like- “Failed to output to email” “ExtenddErrorCode.COMError: Generic COM Error” “Unable to send all the emails from Sage

Causes of Sage 50 Address Generic Com Error

The following ‘Unable to send all emails’ errors can be due to different levels of user access for Sage 50cloud Accounts and Microsoft Outlook:

  • Unable to communicate with Microsoft Outlook as you are running Sage 50cloud Accounts as a Windows administrator and running Outlook as a client with a lower level of access.
  • An issue happened while sending your email. If it’s not too much trouble, restart your PC and retry. On the off chance that the issue endures, you might have to reinstall your Sage programming and Microsoft Office.
  • Unable to send all email messages. error with the location xxx: Unknown Error. Kindly take a look at Windows Event Log for additional subtleties.

Steps for Fix Sage 50 Address Generic Com Error

So, to fix the Sage error address generic com error, you need the proper guidance. Here, you get the solution to get it done on your own by the Sage 50 support team who is here 24/7 hours. Follow it accordingly, and get back to the workflow. If you are not using the MS Outlook then you need to check the few settings like SMTP settings and also verify the password of your mail.

Total Time: 35 minutes

For Checking the Microsoft Outlook Compatibility

🔷 You need to check the version of the Outlook that is compatible with your Sage software or not
🔷 Also, check that you are using the desktop-based version
🔷 If it is compatible then you won’t get this issue so that means it’s not compatible
🔷 In this, you cannot mail using the SMTP settings
🔷 Now for this, install the latest version of the Microsoft application
🔷 Then again send the email to verify that it’s working.

For Checking the Settings of Running the Software as Administrator

🔷 First of all, you need to close all the applications on your system
🔷 Now, go to the Outlook software shortcut then right-click on it
🔷 Then from the options select the Properties option
🔷 In the Compatibility tab, you need to check that the checkbox is marked named as “Run this program as an administrator”
🔷 After that, click on the ok button and then try by sending the document in the email.

For Checking the Outlook Software

🔷 For this, you need to close the application first
🔷 Then again open the Outlook to verify its opening or not
🔷 Now right-click on the file in your system
🔷 Then click on the option Send to and then click on the Mail Recipient
🔷 If the error happens then follow the next process to get it done.

To Make the Outlook Default Mailer

🔷 Open the Run window by pressing and hold the keys named Windows+R keys or you can also type the RUN in the search field
🔷 Now type the Control or name Microsoft. Default Programs
🔷 Then press the enter button from keyboard
🔷 Now, click the option Set your default programs
🔷 After that, click on the Outlook desktop version
🔷 Then set this program as the default and after this click on the OK button
🔷 You need to select any file from your system and then right-click on it
🔷 Go to the Send to option and select the Mail Recipient
🔷 Now a new window of the Microsoft Outlook opens and it is set as the default mail provider.

Sage 50 Payroll – The report has failed to output to email – Video Tutorial

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