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Sage 50 Error Username is in Use The Program Cannot Connect You at This Time

Sage 50 has got a standing of one of the best software in the marketplace in the present times. This has enhanced its reputation because the features related to the software make working on this software extremely easy for everyone. The demand of the software is improved due to the high proficiency of the software. Furthermore, the feedback has been enormously positive from across the globe. Cash flow management, inventory management, invoice related help, automated functions, etc. becomes easier to handle with a software like Sage 50. Safety and security have been particularly given key importance in this software. All kinds of data are very safe with a software like Sage 50. Nonetheless, every software has some issues and errors occasionally.

Unable to login to your Sage Accounting software and coming across an odd and recurrent error message which states “Username is in use – The program cannot connect you at this time”. This is a common and exasperating Sage 50 error message that typically transpires when your computer crashes or restarts after a Windows update while the Sage Accounts was open or if you are already logged into your Sage Accounts from another computer terminal.

When this error message appear son the screen, the only choice that you get is to press OK, which actually does not solve the problem. If you are one of those facing this error message frequently and don’t know how to proceed when this happens, here is all the help that you need. You can effortlessly solve the error on your own by following the below mentioned steps.

When I log into the Sage Accounts I am informed that my username is already in use, what have I done, and how can I access my program?

Reasons of Sage 50 Error Username is in Use The Program Cannot Connect You at This Time

Sage Accounts does not permit you to log in if it still holds your username in the request list of people who are using the program. To overcome this, follow the steps given below:

  • If you have logged into the Sage Accounts on another computer, you must log out of the Sage Accounts on that computer before you can log in to the Sage Accounts again.
  • If you have not logged into the Sage Accounts on another computer and get the error, it means that either the program or computer has crashed. You will need to remove your username from the request list by doing this:
  • If the warning message is: ‘This username is in use. Do you want to remove this username from the request list and login again?’ click Yes, then on the Confirm window, click Yes.
  • If the warning message says: ‘This username is in use the program cannot connect you at this time’ click OK, then follow the instructions below to identify the accounts data directory and delete the queue.dta file.
  • Sage Accounts v11.xx and above including Sage 50 Accounts, the message that appears is: ‘Sage Accounts has detected that your program was not properly shut down the last time it was used. We recommend that the company data files are checked for errors before being used again. Would you like Sage Accounts to check these files for errors now?’ To close the program, click Cancel. To check the files for errors and log in again, click Yes. To close the message and log in to Sage Accounts, click No, one of the previous messages now appears.

Steps for Fix Sage 50 Error Username is in Use The Program Cannot Connect You at This Time

To identify the accounts data directory, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • From the Windows desktop, right click the Sage Accounts shortcut then choose Properties.
  • Click the Shortcut tab, select the text within the Start In box then right click and choose Copy.
  • Open the Start menu, choose Run then delete any text in the Open box.
  • Right-click in the Open box and choose Paste. The Start In box text pastes.
  • Sage 50 Accounts 2008 or Sage Instant Accounts v14 – From the end of the path delete the text Company.000.
  • Click OK. The directory window opens.
  • From the account’s directory double click the Company file then from the list of available programs choose to open it in Notepad.
  • The Company file shows the path to the data directory, for example, F:\Sage\Accounts or \\server\sage\accounts. You should take a note of the path to the data directory.
  • To return to the Windows desktop close all open windows.

To delete the queue.dta file, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • From the Windows desktop, open the Start menu then choose Run.
  • In the Open box, type the data path noted in step 8 in the previous section.
  • Doubleclick the Accdata folder, select the queue.dta file, then press the Delete key on your keyboard.
  • When prompted to confirm the deletion click Yes.
  • To close Windows Explorer, and return to the Windows desktop, open the File menu then choose Exit.

You can now log in to Sage Accounts in the usual way.

Note: After removing your user name, or deleting queue.dta you should run the Check Data option.

This should have solved your problem. In case, the error message still appears, you need support and advanced Sage 50 technical assistance. Dial our tollfree Sage 50 support phone number +1844-871-6291 to get in touch with our Sage experts / specialists who are available 24×7 and can perform many high-end troubleshooting steps to resolve your Sage error in the minimum downtime possible.

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