Resolve Sage 50 Installation of Pervasive Database has Failed Error

Sometimes while working with Sage 50 sometimes an error comes as “Fixed Sage 50 Error – The installation of Pervasive Database has failed” which means it is unable to install pervasive. Now, here is what you can do. You can simply uninstall the Pervasive and opt for re-installation process.

Below is Some Common Error Message that can Display on the Monitor.

  1. Unable to install pervasive
  2. Unable to install sage 50
  3. Error ”Error installing pervasive”.
  4. Error ”Aborting install: Error installing Pervasive.”
  5. Error ”Database service manager has stopped working.”

Causes of Sage 50 Installation of Pervasive Database has Failed Error

  1. PSQL Server engine 64 bit installed
  2. Insufficient windows user rights
  3. One of the workstations has the program is open
  4. The pervasive folder is deleted from the installation folder
  5. Security settings on the installation folder
  6. Damaged installation files
  7. The previous installation of pervasive or Action Zen damaged
  8. User account control enabled
  9. Other programs preventing the installation
  10. Security software preventing the installation

Solution Steps to Fix Sage 50 Installation of Pervasive Database has Failed Error

For the above error, the solution is listed below it may help you to get out of this rid, Before going to the next steps first you should try to restart the system.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Section 1: Security Software or other Programs Preventing the Installation

💠 Before installation, first of all, disable antivirus on the computer.
💠 Disable UAC( User account control)
💠 Try to boot the computer by selective startup
💠 Right-click on setup.exe and then select Run as administrator.
💠 Now need to verify the security settings on the install folder are set so that Computers and users have full control.

Section 2: Need to Verify if the Correct Installer is Used or Not

💠 Make sure while installing you are using setup.exe located in the install directory( for example if installing Version 2020, the directory would be sage 50 2020 version.
💠 If you are using another setup located somewhere else first exit the install wizard and search the correct directory and then install the setup.exe.

Section 3: Uninstall your Pervasive and then Install Pervasive/Actian Zen

2020 version: Uninstall and reinstall Actian Zen.
2019 version: Uninstall and reinstall Pervasive.

Section 4: Check the Windows Rights of the User

💠 Make sure that the current user is a windows local administrator, if not give him the admin rights or log in as local administrator.
💠 If you are working in an as domain network,  you need to verify the current user is a local admin and domain admin both, if not give him local and domain admin right or log in as admin that is having both rights.

Section 5: Make sure if there is an Incompatible Version of Pervasive or Action Software

💠 Open control panel → Program and features
💠 Uninstall other versions of pervasive if found
💠 Check if you can install the Sage program

Section 6: Run the Standard Installation

💠 Browse to folder using the path: \\<servername>\PeachtreeInstaller20XX
💠 Open Peachw folder
💠 Open install folder
💠 Right-click _setup.exe
💠 Select Run as administrator

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