Sage 50 Login ID and Password not Working

Like with other online accounting, Sage also has bugs issues. Most of the time users face problems while trying to login into the Sage 50 account because of certain reasons. After so many attempts, the user is required to find the specific reason why this error appears and then find a suitable solution otherwise, it blocks you to handle your business accountancy Management. This blog is the complete discussion about the “Sage 50 login ID and Password not working” which helps you to find a suitable solution to resolve this error as quickly as possible.

What Type of Issues you Might be Facing While Encountering this Error?

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What is the Reason Behind the “Sage 50 Login ID and Password not Working” issue?

There are certain reasons due to which this error appears, all are listed below:

Steps for Fix Sage 50 Login ID and Password not Working Issue

Step 1. User has to Reset the Password


💠 In the first step, try to login into the company file but make sure as an administrator mode.
💠 Select the “Maintains” option and then click on the “Set up” security option.
💠 All options will appear on your screen, choose the “Reset Password”.
💠 Go to the password given fields and then write the “Temporary Password”.
💠 Agree with displayed guidelines and click on the OK button.
💠 Hit the Close button to proceed further.
💠 Ensure about the user login with a provided temporary password.
💠 Hit your next click on the Ok to change the password.
💠 Give a confirmation click for the new password.
💠 Check and verify the company opens to sure about the issue is resolved or not.

Troubleshooting 2. Check and Verify the License of the User:

💠 Login in to your company file as an admin mode.
💠 Hit the click on the “Maintain” option.
💠 Now, tap on the “User” and choose the “Security Set up” button.
💠 Check and verify the license section which pops-up just next to the user name.
💠 Hit the OK button and then login as a user.
💠 Having administrator rights on the user’s system and user appeared.
💠 After this login into your account and check the issue is fixed or not.

Steps 3. Restore the Backup File Before Heading to the Conversion

💠 Firstly, you have to choose the file that you want to comfort.
💠 Then, hit the right-click on it, all options will pop-up on your screen.
💠 Click on the “Restore” button.
💠 Now, open the browser to pick the required backup file and click on the “open” button.
💠 Moving forward with the next click and then choose the specified restore process from the given options: 💠 An overwrite existing company data or existing company. 
💠 Now, you can create a new company with the restore file. You can utilize this option when the user wants to restore the back into a created folder to save the existing data.
💠 Hit the Ok and Next button.
💠 All options will be displayed on your screens such as customized forms, web transactions, company data, and the business intelligence reports.
💠 Click on the Ok button and must be sure that you choose the Restore option.
💠 Once you are done with this process then open the file and you are all resolved with this error.

Step 4. Check your Company File

💠 First of all, open the program. 
💠 Select the browse option to locate all companies.
💠 Hit your click on the correct Company.
💠 Then, login into your company with the correct login credentials.


We hope, the above-mentioned information is enough to resolve the query of “Sage 50 Login ID and Password not working” including all possible solutions. So, you can reset your user ID and password by Sage 50 password recovery tool and go back to your back to handle your business accountancy with more accuracy. If you need any kind of assistance or query in your mind, connect with Sage’s expertise. The team of Sage professionals fixes your all issues in a minimum time frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why I am Unable to Login into Sage?

Ans. Because of incorrect login credentials or due to network issues. User required to another browser or need to clear the browsing history.

Q. How can I Restore my User ID and Password?

🗸 Click on the “Forgot Password” or username page.
🗸 Enter all required details such as user name, account email address, and password.
🗸 Then, leave the username as a box blank.
🗸 Moving forward with on-screen guidelines and click on the Continue button.
🗸 Check and verify your email inbox and you will get an email including the list of user names that are linked with the account email address.

Q. How can I Locate my Old Password?

🗸 From the home page of Sage 50, click on the “Forgot Password”.
🗸 Enter your email address and user id in the given field.
🗸 Make sure about all entered details and then hit the “Submit” button.
🗸 Now, you need to check the inbox for a password reset email.
🗸 Hit your click on the provided URL and enter the New Password.



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