SagePay Error 5080 form Transaction Registration Failed

SagePay error 5080 form transaction registration failed mostly encountered by users when they perform the transaction process from the SagePay software. It might also happen when users lost the password. When the error crops up then it displays an error message: Sage error code 5080 or the transaction fails. The Sage error code 5080 indicates that there is a problem with the encryption or format of the post. In such cases, it is recommended that you connect with the experts to effortlessly resolve the error or you can go through the below-provided troubleshooting steps to fix this error.

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Reasons that Triggers SagePay Error 5080 form Transaction Registration Failed

This might occur due to various internal issues with software or when you lost the password. A few of them are listed down:

  • Encryption password: Make sure the password for encryption that you are using is right. If the encryption password is incorrect, the crypt string will be incorrectly constructed which causes Sage error 5080.
  • Form Transaction Registration: You can obtain the encryption password by logging into the ‘MySagePay admin panel’ as the administrative user. In addition, if this is correct, check the method of encryption and start to ensure that the Sage Pay specifications work properly.

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Troubleshooting Steps to Fix SagePay Error 5080 form Transaction Registration Failed

SagePay Error 5080 is a really common error when performing the form transaction.  Make sure to back up the transaction file before beginning the resolution process, and also keep a note of the password for Test as well as Live.

👉  Initially, go to the SagePay Admin Panel and then get an encryption password
👉  Next, enter the right Encryption Password
👉   Now, log in as Admin User Id
👉   Verify the encryption process to confirm that the proper functioning of SagePay requirements
👉   After that, log into the SagePay account then go to the Transaction tab
👉   Select the Invalid Subsystem from the provided options that you find on the left side of your screen
👉   The invalid transactions display within the section with clarification and further you’ll be asked for an additional error code to find
👉   In some cases, on the window panel which shows the error used to encrypt your deposit, the transactions are brought to light.

Total Time: 25 minutes

In Conclusion!

The above-mentioned troubleshooting steps are simple and easy to apply to rectify SagePay error 5080 form transaction registration failed. If you have followed the above steps in the sequence order and are still facing the same issue then it is suggested to get in touch with the Sage technical support team via Toll-Free number . You can approach them by dropping an email or doing a Sage 50 live chat for instant help as the service is available all round the clock.



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