How to Setup and Use Multicurrency in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the accounting software which has reached all over the world and hence it is very necessary to know about how to setup and use a multi currency feature as it is one of the most used features of the QuickBooks. It also helps you to track foreign transactions and allocate a particular currency to a foreign vendor. In the below article you will be knowing about the setup and use of multi-currency in QuickBooks. Although all the steps are mentioned below still, if you have any doubts you can visit for the step by step assistance.

Steps for Setup and Use Multicurrency in QuickBooks

How to Enable QuickBooks Multi-Currency Feature

QuickBooks has lots of features and multi-currency features are one of them which has its benefits having no change in exchange in rate each month, no need to check historical rates or keep an eye on specific bank exchange rate. It also reduces the burden of handling the dates while or before entering transactions. Below steps can help you enable the multi-currency feature.

πŸ’  Go to QuickBooks Edit option >>go and click on preferences
πŸ’  Now from left side options select Multiple currencies
πŸ’  Click on company preferences box and check the option “yes I use more than one currency”
πŸ’  When prompt click on yes
πŸ’  Now select the home currency from the drop-down menu

How to Add Foreign Customers or Vendors in QuickBooks

In the QuickBooks, you can allocate only one currency per customer or vendor profile and you need to make new profiles to allow a new currency. After turning on this feature existing customers and vendors will be allowed in the home currency. Transactions that already have recorded can’t be changed for the names. Below steps are mentioned for adding foreign customers or vendors.

πŸ’  Go to the Customer /Vendor Center to create foreign customers and vendors. If the name is already present πŸ’  In the list, then you need to assign a little different name to the foreign customer which you have created.
πŸ’  Go to customer/Vendor menu, select customer center/vendor center
πŸ’  Click on new customer/vendor on the drop-down, select new customer/vendor
πŸ’  Now appoint a Customer/Vendor name and currency
πŸ’  Click on Ok

How to Add Foreign Accounts in QuickBooks

You can allocate only one currency per account and create a new one for the foreign transaction. Once this feature is turned on existing accounts will be allocated in home currency. Currencies assigned to the following accounts for credit cards, Vendors, Bank account, customer, Account Receivable, and Account payable(A/P).

Downloading exchange ratesΒ  – You can download rates at conditionΒ  if your residency lies in USD

Automatically download Exchange rates – Go to List>>select currency list

After that select the Activities button and select Download new exchange rates.

Manually type the exchange rates – Go to list menu>>Double click to select the currency. Afterward, you can update the currency exchange rates for the particular dates in the edit currency window.

Add or Remove a Foreign Currency in QuickBooks

Adding a Currency

πŸ’  Select the gear icon at the top
πŸ’  Click on currencies
πŸ’  Now search and click on Add currencies
πŸ’  Select the desired currency from the drop-down menu

Remove a Currency

πŸ’  The select Gear icon at the top
πŸ’  Click on currencies
πŸ’  Locate Edit currency exchange from the menu
πŸ’  Choose the Delete option to delete the currency
πŸ’  You will be asked for the verification
πŸ’  Click on Yes

There are some important points which you should keep in mind before using the QuickBooks Multi-Currency feature:

πŸ’  You cant change the QuickBooks multi-currency feature once it is on
πŸ’  You should make the backup file before enabling this feature if they want to return a single currency option
πŸ’  Once the multiple currency preferences are turned on, choose the currencies on track
πŸ’  You can only use the foreign accounts and names which you added for a new foreign transaction
πŸ’  Don’t use the foreign version for the existing customer to receive the payments if you do have an invoice for the customer for home currency
πŸ’  You cant appoint currency transactions to sales and purchase because they allowed the currency of the vendors and customers entered by you
πŸ’  The value of the home currency and amount of sales and purchase transactions are equivalent to the listed transactions total
πŸ’  Home currency shows all the reports in case of currency used in all of the transactions

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