Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of the accountingguide.co shows the privacy and legal notice about the complete processing of the data, which is collected and processed from the customers while using any services or visiting the website. It is highly recommended for everyone to go through the Terms and conditions before using the website.

These terms and conditions cover everyone visiting this website and while visiting accountingguide.co you are accepting the website usage policy. If you or anyone disagree with these conditions you should not use this website. The website cookies, it is also declared that every visitor is in accordance as per the accountingguide.co’s cookies policy.  Accountingguide.co is free to change, delete or edit anything on the website.

Property Rights – accountingguide.co fully owns the intellectual property rights of this website and products used on the website. The content and images can be used for only personal within limitations as per below conditions:

  • Reusing the content from this website in another digital media or print media platform
  • Sub Licensing of any product launched through the website channel reproduction of any work.
  • Copyright and Trademark – We hold the complete rights of all the digital content available through the website except other information which is freely available on the internet under fair usage policy
  • Trademark of accountingguide.co cant be used for any commercial or non-commercial without having permission from the managing company
  • Any data mining activity such as scrapping, crawling, and republishing is not allowed until you have permission from the company

Content downloaded from a website does not give you the right to use it anywhere.

  • Authorized people for the task – We are having a team of experts having years of experience and knows very well how to tackle any situation. They take all responsibility to accept the challenges and to complete the same promptly. This qualified and dedicated teamwork under the experienced supervisors.
  • Fee and Cost – Estimates are not fixed quotes at the time. It may be changed because of the nature of work, time to complete the same.
  • Payment mode – You agree to pay the due amount in a given period if acknowledged in writing by the employee of accountingguide.co
  • Violations of Terms and Conditions – If you violate the terms and conditions accountingguide.co can take the legal action against you for breaching any rules or you are failed to pay any service or product within the due date it may also lead court case to you
  • Disputes – In case if there is any problem with the work and if it is irrelevant then please inform us in writing in 14 days after the product or work is delivered. We will provide the services and information within 14 days without any additional cost
  • Termination of agreement – Violating any terms and condition, failed to give sufficient detail can lead to termination of the agreement
  • Data Deletion – We don’t save the users data and we destroy the files after 7 years completion of the task


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