How to Fix Sage Unknown Error PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer

Some users have complained that they faced error messages such as Peachtree unknown error or PAWEncrypt acquireourcontainer error in Sage 50.  They mostly face it while opening a company or opening a program. If you are one of them, we can be of great help. We know, it can be quite irritating to face such errors while being in the middle of something really important.

Don’t worry! You are just at the right place. In this blog, we will show you easy and multiple methods to fix this issue. Go through this blog till the end, implement the steps shown herein and get rid of this error.

Steps to Fix Sage Unknown Error PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer

Here are Some Easy Ways By Which you can Resolve the Error in Sage 50-

Total Time: 5 minutes

Method 1- Log into Windows as Another User

Ans: ⏩ Log out from the Windows User profile that is facing this error.
⏩ Log into another Windows profile.
⏩ If you are now able to start the new company in this user profile, the profile that is receiving the error may have got corrupted.
⏩ Next, fix the corrupt user profile.
⏩ Check if the error still exists.

Method 2- Create a New Windows User Profile

Ans: ⏩ You will require creating a new User profile by following the instruction from Microsoft to create a new account.
⏩ Once this user profile is created, log onto it
⏩ Check if the error still exists.
⏩ If not, check the next method

Method 3- Change the State of the Windows User Profile in the Registry

Ans: ⏩ Enter regedit in the windows command prompt
⏩ Click OK.
⏩ Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList.
⏩ Here, you will notice several sub keys corresponding to different users. Search for the user you are logged in as, from the string value “ProfileImagePath”, against each of the sub keys. One of the values will map to the home directory of the users. In most cases, it will bear the name of the user in it.
⏩ After you have successfully reached to the concerned user profile , the next step is to check the “State” DWORD Value. If this value is not set to 0100 (hex value), the “PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer” Error would occur. This hex value indicates the  local profile  is having the Administrator level rights. Other values may lead to insufficient access rights for the windows user to run the Sage Peachtree.
⏩ Once you are done, check if the error still persists

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Final Words!

We hope the troubleshooting methods mentioned above would help you a great deal to fix the Peachtree unknown error or PAWEncrypt acquireourcontainer error in Sage 50. You just need to spend a few minutes of your busy schedule and carry out the procedure sequentially. If you are still not able to fix this issue, or, if you experience any difficulties in carrying out the above-mentioned steps, we would recommend you to speak to the experts.

💠Frequently Asked Questions💠

Q 1. What are the Possible Reasons for Occurrence of the Peachtree Unknown Error or PAWEncrypt Acquireourcontainer Error in Sage 50?

Ans: Many functional and technical issues contribute to the occurrence of this error in Sage 50.Some of these are mentioned below-
⏩ Personal work Issues with the Windows user profile
⏩ Permissions in the registry are set wrongly
⏩ Security update has been installed for Windows 7 – KB3011780

Q2. What are the Different Error Messages a User May Encounter While Facing the Peachtree Unknown Error or PAWEncrypt acquireourcontainer Error in Sage 50?

Ans: Usually, the following error messages may appear on the screen in case the user encounters this issue-
⏩ Error: “Unknown error: -2146893813. PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer.” 
⏩ Error: “Unknown error: -2146893788. PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer.
⏩ Error: “Unknown error: -2146893788. PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer.
⏩ Error: “Unknown Error: 2 PAWEncrypt.AcquireOurContainer Error
⏩ Error: “One or more data files in the Companies directory belong to another company
⏩ Error: “Unknown Error: 5 PAWEncrypt.AcquireOurContainer Error” 
Unknown Error 1359, PAWEncrypted acquire OurContainerError
Unknown error: 2. PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer Error
⏩ Cannot open program.
⏩ PAWEncrypt error when opening the program or a company.



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