Use Sage 50 2019 Database Repair Utility

While running with Sage 50 software, if you find any corrupted or damaged file due to Sage 50 lost or corrupted Sage data.  You need to fix this error issue because due to this error, you may face many problems; it may affect your organization’s daily work. This error is usually occurred due to the corrupted Database engine or due to the presences of damaged files in the running data path. Here we provide you proper guidance to fix this issue.

Steps for Use Sage 50 2019 Database Repair Utility

Install the Sage 50 Database Repair Utility

To run the Sage 50 Database repair utility, you need to install the upgraded Sage 50 version with these steps:

💠 First of all, go to the start menu.
💠 Then select all the programs by mark on it.
💠 After that, scroll your click on Sage 50 accounting with a yearly option.
💠 Then, mark your click on Sage 50 resources and help and click on the “Technical support utilities” from the drop-down preferences.
💠 In the end, scroll your click on “Database repair utility” from the drop-down options of the tool menu.
💠 Wait to complete the whole processing and accept all terms & conditions.

Repair the Bad Data Path

To fix all the Sage 50 corrupted or damaged files which are saved in the Sage 50 Database, you need to perform these steps:

💠 To run the tool, you need to click on start and all important files extracted automatically.
💠 After that, open the message box and go forward with YES click or you can scroll your click on Sage 50 knowledge base link, where you find complete information about this article.
💠 Then go through with the policy of the end user License Agreement and agree with all terms & conditions to run this tool legally.
💠 Then choose one option as per your requirement from the three drop-down options and run this repair tool carefully. To run the utility, just go through with the result log text box instructions.

💠 Download Pervasive: From your system, you can easily uninstall the Pervasive with this Before applying this utility, you must be sure that all Sage users sign-in out from all the running programs and shut down Sage 50.
💠 Make another Local Data path: With this utility, you can generate a new Sage 50 data path directory file including all default folders with existing data path to fix this problem. They will give you a set of files to make a new path to integrate with all applications. To make a new local data path file, just go with these steps:

💠 To make a new data path, choose your location, the selected location must be different from the last location.
💠 Then you need to copy and paste the entire data of your organization to the new data path folder. This processing taking little time to transfer all data.
💠 In any case, if you want to check the initial stage of the data path while transferring the file, then scroll your click on the INI folder and choose the previous original data path and agree with all terms & conditions.
💠 The next step forward with YES and APPLY click, to begin with, new changes.
💠 After the completion of the whole process, click on OK.

How to contact us?

If you face any trouble while creating a new data path or having an issue with above mentioned-steps, feel-free to contact our Sage technical support expert team. They will provide you 24/7 service to fix your all issues with all possible solutions. To clear your all doubts regarding Sage 50, drop your all queries or do Sage 50 live chat with our expertise.



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