What is New in QuickBooks 2020 Desktop

The new version of QuickBooks 2020 Desktop is the latest one. You must switch to it to get yourself error-free and get new advanced features. It is more helpful than before as you can set the reminders, combine the emails, add a PO number to your subject line, and express pick-pack service and many more features. Switch to the new latest version of QuickBooks Desktop 2020 by upgrading yourself. For detailed information about price and other things by filling up the Query form and the QuickBooks helpdesk team experts respond to you within 2-3 hours.

QuickBooks 2020 desktop

About QuickBooks 2020 Desktop:

QuickBooks is the best solution for all your bookkeeping and accounting solutions. It provides many features and benefits so that you can easily do your financial things related to your business. It helps you in growing your business in the most productive way. The upgrade is the best option when you are facing issues and errors and need more advancement into your business. Upgrade old Quickbooks to QuickBooks 2020 is the best decision of yours ever. It has many great features that help you more in scheduling, reminders, costing, vendor selection, and more.

Advanced Features in QuickBooks 2020 Desktop:

Features that are newly added in the QuickBooks Desktop 2020 are mentioned below:-

  • Automatic reminders for payment- The automatic payment reminders are sent to the customers to make them remember for the payment who have overdue or due invoices. For this setup, you have to click on the Customer menu > Payment Reminders > Compose > Create a mailing list > Schedule the email > Track Reminders.
  • Search Company Files- Now after having this feature you can easily search the company files and then open it without locating them in your system. It saves your time. This feature is in the no company open screen.
  • PO number added automatically to your email subjects- You have some customers who want to connect the invoices with purchase orders; this feature makes it done. The PO number is added automatically at very first in the subject line of the invoice emails. For this, the steps are Edit menu > Preferences > Send Forms > Company preferences > Edit > Select Customer > PO Number.
  • Enhanced Accessibility- This feature is used to improve the usability of the software for the visually challenged users on invoices, Write check screens, and bills.
  • Multiple emails are combined at one place- The emails of one customer are combined automatically in one email. It helps you in improving the service for your customers. It is done only by tick mark one checkbox. For this, go to the File menu > Send Forms > Select the optionCombine the Forms to a receipt in single mail”.
  • Status of Payroll for the customers have direct deposit- The payroll is run and give detailed status for the customers have direct deposits. It is done without checking the emails. For this, click on the Employees menu option > then click on the View Payroll Run Status.
  • Admin Password Reset is Easier- You can easily reset your admin password without wasting time. Now, you need not fill too much information for a password reset. You just have to choose your email for login and then enter the key that is sent to you by QuickBooks for resetting the password.
  • Smart Help- the feature of Smart help get enabled when you press the F1 button from your keyboard. For this, press the F1 key > then click on Help > then QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  • In reports, columns can be collapsed- If the reporting is complex then here is the feature to collapse the column that is not in use. The reports have jobs and classes to view the total of customers and it can be easily seen without scrolling down in the report.

Features Added in the QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop 2020

  • Landed Cost- this helps you in getting the actual cost of the product by removing the duties, freight, insurance, and other additional costs. These costs are included when users purchase the product. The price of goods has many other charges rather than the actual cost and its whole makes the final price of the product paid by the customer.
  • Express Pick-Pack- This is the 2 different services that are combined into one so that, the process becomes easier and faster. As it is performed by the same person as a single workflow.
  • Alternate Vendor- This is the best way to manage all the vendors. In this be sure that you choose the correct vendor while buying the items of inventory in your QuickBooks Enterprise.

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